December 6, 2008

Fashion site overload!

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the fit


If you want style advice from some of the greatest artists, you should check out the MySpace of The Fit! Artists like Kate Nash, Yelle, Fergie, Katy Perry, … take you shopping and show you what they like. The Fit is a part of MySpace Fashion, a site with high fashion, great fashion tips, designers, fashion news and tons of fashion vids! 





Who What Wear

Another site you should definitely surf to is, a site full of great style tips! You can even ask a stylist how you should wear that new trend, or wether you should throw away last season’s lipstick. With a bit of luck, they choose your e-mail and your question will be answered. Another great category is What Was She Wearing. If you saw a celebrity wear the shoes or dress you’ve been searching for, just send an e-mail and find out where she got it!


November 15, 2008

My favorite dish? Bread and Butter!

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Take your agenda! Now! Because you wouldn’t want to miss one of the biggest fashion events of the year, do you?! From 21 till 23 January you can visit the tradeshow “Bread and Butter” in Barcelona. Only the best brands get a spot there, categorized under 4 different areas, al worth visiting! Here some of the brands:






November 14, 2008

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One of our favorite stores of all time

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