December 11, 2008

CHECK this out !!

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I’m all into checks and plaids lately,really been obsessed by it ever since I found this picture on Stockholm Streetstyle.  The girl mixed a plaid ‘dress’ with a plaid jacket.  That with the hat and the (fake?) fur jacket just looks amazing!











Here some other ways to wear plaids..


And this is my very own plaid jacket, still looking for the perfect plaid shirt though


xoxo D.

December 2, 2008

Bazaar !! That’s my style

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I just bought this book called ‘Bazaar Style’ from Selina Lake, Joanna Simmons and photographer Debi Treloar and I absolutely love it.  You find so much inspiration in it.  This is totally my style..  It comes in very handy especially now because I’m redocorating my room (or at least trying to :))



The style is a merge of classic design pieces and vintage finds for example at flea markets.  Create your own personal style but remember that the colors always have to fit, you can’t just put everything you found together and hope that it works.






Why call this style bazaar?  Well, the word bazar means market.  And when you look at Moroccan market you can see that every market stall has limited space and therefore puts a lot of different product in the same place (If you still don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, just look at the picture on the right and you’ll get it :))




 So feel inspired and start redecorating those rooms

Love, D

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